Forget Delivery Clutters, Focus on Clean Laundry with Smartbox

You manage Stains and Spots – We manage SMART Pickups & Drops

Clean laundry is no longer the only ‘customer-keeping' factor for Laundromats and Dry Cleaners – customers expect
more from you. Smartbox adds this extra value to your laundry services with its convenient, fast, and interactive laundry lockers.
We help you with...

  • Limited Laundry Hours
    Serve laundry when needed. Run
    24x7 pickup and drop with Dry
    Cleaning Lockers.
  • Handling losses
    Forget about stains, wrinkles,
    tears and theft in transit.
    Smartbox protects your laundry.
  • High Service Costs
    Minimize delivery and pickup
    expenses with self-service
    lockers at lowest initial costs.
  • Slow Service Time
    Deliver express orders with
    automated sorting and tagging
    for faster laundry processing.

Deliver Laundry Services to Old and New
Markets with Smartbox

Modern Laundry Drop and Pickup Solutions for Commercial and Non-Commercial Markets

Break the conventions of consumer laundry business. Expand your footprint across commercial users with full confidence.
Give your customers convenient and efficient laundry service with Smartbox Laundry Lockers.

Residential Laundry

Expand your service area with Smart Lockers as Laundry fronts for your business.


Hospitality Laundry

Serve bulk laundry needs of hotels, resorts, and clubs especially for linen, decor, and dining


Healthcare Laundry

Install Launderette Lockers in Hospitals for laundry like scrubs, uniforms, and resident patients


Student Laundry

Enable university campuses with laundry lockers in residential halls and recreational facilities

Start Click & Collect Laundry
Service today!

Experience Laundry the Smartbox
way – just Scan. Collect. Unbox.

Outsmart your local competition with faster delivery,
all-day laundry, and contactless drops. We provide solutions for
both standalone laundry lockers and integrated multi-locker
laundry grids.

Skyrocket Laundry Experience with Smartbox

Customized Automated Lockers for Dry Cleaners and Laundry Businesses

Smartbox ensures total in-compartment laundry care like you do in your dry-cleaning processes. Our launderette locker compartments are designed to account for fabric care, physical handling and environmental factors as well.

  • Made-for-Laundry Units

    Custom size compartments for hangar-supported and stacked laundry arrangement.

  • 16 Inch Access Screen (LED)

    Equipped with 10+ Access

  • Pinhole Camera & Barcode

    Close Circuit Surveillance & Easy Returns

  • Protective Weather Roof

    For all-weather outdoor locker service

  • Contactless Access

    30 second checkout with options for Card/RFID/OTP/PIN based authentication.

  • Long lasting make

    Tamper-proof, dust, rust, water resistant lockers with embedded weather roof.

  • Modular Installation

    Low assembly required with option to remove and add compartments based on demand.

Get the World’s 1st Smart Locker Solution designed for
Laundry Businesses

Connect with our laundry Automation Experts now! Know more about API integrations, training, and specifications
of our Smart Laundry Lockers.

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