Create a Highly Available and Accessible Medicine Delivery Network

Take your mission to empower people’s health to the higher ground with Smartbox

Not every pharmacy or location caters to the need for everyday and critical medicines. With Smartbox, you can make your drugstore chain or pharmacy brand standout – and make it a household name with high ROI.

  • Repeat Order Hassles
    Repeat Order Hassles
    Automate chronic prescriptions
    with accuracy and without
    additional costs.
  • High Storage & Holding
    Supply Accessibility Issues
    Custom-made, secure storage
    lockers designed only to offer authorized access.
  • Staff Efficiency Issues
    Staff Efficiency Issues
    Smartbox reduces staff fatigue
    and ensures faster order
    processing to save time.
  • Emergency Availability
    Emergency Availability
    Keep your delivery and pick-up
    services up and running 24x7 with
    Smartbox prescription lockers.

Deploy Custom Lockers for Last-Mile Medicine Deliveries

Revamp your medicine supply-chain entirely for high accessibility and availability for end-customers with SMARTBOX.

See how Smartbox can take your pharmacy-retail operations to the next level.

Pharmaceuticals Require

Simplify Medicine Accessibility for Customers, Patients
and Pharmacy Businesses

Get bespoke lockers that allow 24x7 access to the medicines via a secure ecosystem. Your customers can simply click, scan,
and collect their package – and give you 6x more loyalty points.

  • Weather-Proof Units

    Weather-Proof Units

    Deliver and Collect 365 Days with weather-proof accessories to keep medicines safe and dry.

  • >

    16 Inch Access Screen (LED)

    Equipped with 10+ Access

  • Pinhole Camera & Barcode

    Close Circuit Surveillance & Easy Returns

  • Protective Weather Roof

    For all-weather outdoor locker service

  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring

    Ready-to-Integrate API Modules to sync with Inventory Management & Store Security Systems.

  • IoT Health Monitoring

    In-Compartment Lights

    Perfect for after-hours delivery and pick-up in low-light areas.

Upshift The Way Medicines Reach Last-Mile Destinations – with Smartbox Pharmacy Lockers

Contact our last-mile automation experts now and see how your pharmacy business can best utilize Smartbox for maximum ROI.

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