Paving the Way to Future

Smartbox carries a vision to empower the world to go beyond parcels and packages & embrace Total Package Care and Management. We strive to offer hyper-connectedness within an efficient ecosystem of package storage, delivery, and pick-up. Our team of go-getters leave no stone unturned in making this vision a reality.

Amit Sawhney Amit Sawhney

Amit Sawhney

Co-Founder & CEO

vineet sawhney vineet sawhney

Vineet Sawhney

Co-Founder & CPO

Deepak bhasin Deepak bhasin

Deepak Bhasin

Chief Technology Officer

Rajat Bhasin Rajat Bhasin

Rajat Bhasin

Head of Operations

vaibhav khanna vaibhav khanna

Vaibhav Khanna

Chief People Officer

Kirk C. Barrus Kirk C. Barrus

Kirk C. Barrus

Executive Vice President - North America

Rohan Sheoran Rohan Sheoran

Rohan Sheoran

Global Sales Manager

Sanjay Vig Sanjay Vig

Sanjay Vig

Accounts & Finance

Preeti Dua Preeti Dua

Preeti Dua

Operations, Customer Care & Support

Vaibhav Sharma Vaibhav Sharma

Vaibhav Sharma

Maintenance & Logistics

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