Automate Mailroom Ops, Streamline Productivity Bottomline

Smartbox makes it possible to free up precious productive time otherwise spent on handling parcels – and automating the entire process for a slick contactless experience.

Slow Mailroom Ops
Slow Mailroom Ops.

No sorting. No tagging. Just express mails and packages with Smart Lockers.

Package Overload
Package Overload

Manage buffer orders, mails, and returns with spacious workplace lockers.

Contactless Storage
Contactless Storage

Ensure employee and tenant safety with isolation gaps and low-touch access.

Package Breaks
Package Breaks

Save Manhours. Shorten Employee Breaks for Delivery and Pickup at work.

Smartify Your Modern Workplace with Smartbox

Add locker units based on demand and your employees can retrieve or drop packages in 3 easy steps – click, open, and collect.

Day Lockers


Perfect for employees’ personal storage and automation of order delivery/returns at office.
Mailroom Lockers


Automated Lockers for self-
service mail management at 100%
accuracy and no manpower.
Service Lockers


Quick Pick-and-Drop Solutions for Critical Documents, Tools and Specialized Official Storage.
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Enable Contactless Automated Package
Management in Any Office

Smartbox offers custom workplace lockers with intuitive touchscreen interface and blazing-fast package handling

  • Multi-Mode Access
    Multi-Mode Access

    Easy App/OTP/Card/RFID/Biometric access for workplace Lockers.

  • Remote Tracking
    Remote Tracking

    Single Dashboard for Live Locker Status and availability information.

  • Encrypted Data Storage
    Encrypted Data Storage

    Cloud based Centralized Data Server with 2048-bit data encryption.

  • Usage Analytics
    Usage Analytics

    Auditable usage patterns and custody maps for better efficiency.

  • Tamper-Proof Units
    Tamper-Proof Units

    Internally hinged compartments with 360 Degree Video Security.

  • Self Service Drop-Off
    Self Service Drop-Off

    24x7 package returns with Click, Scan, and Load in under 30 seconds.

Circle Yellow Package Management Circle Blue

Set New Benchmark for Employee
Perks at Your Office

Smartbox offers 24x7 secure package drop and pickup convenience in any
indoor and outdoor location. Launch click-and-collect locker service in your office
or co-working space with us today!

Streamline Your Mailroom Work with Smartbox Digital
Parcel Lockers

Contact us now and our team will reach out to you at your convenience. Learn more about Smartbox’s specifications and its benefits
by filling out the form below.

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