Focus on Property Management, Not Packages

Setup the ultimate last-mile package convenience for your tenants

Last-mile package management can eat up your building staff’s bandwidth and expose packages to vulnerabilities. Cut yourself some slack and give an amazing experience to your residents with SMARTBOX.

  • Porch Theft
    Porch Theft

    Tamper Proof Compartments for both indoor and outdoor security.

  • Sorting and Stacking
    Sorting and Stacking

    No need to sort manually. Save staff time and reduce package handling errors.

  • Festive Season Load
    Festive Season Load

    Extra packages? Just add another Smartbox Unit and manage 2X to 5X packages.

  • Staff Dependency
    Staff Dependency

    Use your staff for maintenance, collection, inspections etc. Leave the packages to us.

  • Physical Verification
    Physical Verification

    Provide verified access to residents with OTP and app-based verification in 10 seconds.

  • Storage Necessities
    Storage Necessities

    Get In-Locker Temperature & Photosensitive Protection. No extra storage costs.

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Integrate Smartbox Live Lockers with Your Building Management System

Our API integrates seamlessly with legacy property management apps like Yardi, Rentec, Buildium, and so on.

Enhance your building’s digital experience with Smartbox.

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Boost Your Tenant Retention and Living Experience

Smartbox is a complete package and parcel handling solution – running over encrypted software and robustly secure hardware.

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Accelerate Your Property Ratings

A 24x7 self-service package storage and pick-up amenity is loved by residents globally. Smartbox provides secure package drop and retrieval without any manual intervention.

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Boost Your Property’s Rating

Residents will thank you for installing Smartbox on your property. Brace for incoming 5-star reviews!

Allow hassle-free secure deliveries 24x7

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Take Residential Package Management to the Next-Level
with Smartbox

Contact us now to know more about locker specifications, customization, and any other query related to our
digital parcel locker solution.

Faster Package Delivery

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