Smartbox Digital Parcel Lockers for Retail

Think click-and-collect retail experience, think Smartbox.

Get your own branded bespoke intelligent lockers to supercharge your retail experience. Offer 24x7 contactless order drop or pickup with Smartbox self-service intelligent systems.

Departmental Stores
Departmental Stores

Reduce store crowd and offer Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) Services


Ensure cost-effective 24x7 delivery and returns for any product range.

White Labelled Suite

Custom visuals with your branding
or promotional assets

Big Box Stores
Big Box Stores

Manage curbside deliveries and streamline delivery bays at no-new costs

Click-and-Collect Retail for Retailers and Customers

With 100% contactless package drop, pickup, and secure storage, Smartbox offers unparalleled convenience and experience to all its users.

Take Your Retail Operations to the Next Level with:
  • Package Security
    Contactless Deliveries

    Carriers and package owners never come in direct contact.

  • Package Security
    Staff Availability

    Free-up your staff from the hassles of package sorting, labeling, and storing.

  • Package Security
    No Long Queues

    Your customers will be thankful for a no-queue scenario in your stores.

  • Package Security
    Package Security

    Every package is always 100% secure within the Smartbox ecosystem.

  • Package Security
    24x7 Accessibility

    Allow your customers to collect or return their orders at their own time-convenience.

  • Package Security
    Delivery Anything

    From small parcels and groceries to large items, Smartbox lockers can store almost anything.

Retail Ecosystem

Enable Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Locker (BOPIL) with Smartbox

Automate your in-store operations with BOPIL service for customers.

Scan Collect Unbox
  • In-Compartment Lights

    In-Compartment Lights

    Perfect for after-hours delivery and pick-up in low-light areas.

  • Anti-Jam Compartments

    Anti-Jam Compartments

    No more stuffed or mishandled orders. Modular Lockers for multi-fit orders.

Sell More, Sell Faster – with Smartbox Click-and-Collect Lockers

Contact us now and our retail automation experts will tell you everything you need to know about launching a successful click-and-collect
and BOPIL service for retail.

Automated Retail

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