Start a No-Limit Revenue Stream with Smartbox Partnership Program

Provide custom self-service locker systems to your audience – earn high margin profits and praises from your customers

Contactless Delivery, Reverse Logistics, Smart Storage, Single Click ITAM (Asset Management),
are in top demand everywhere. Get the technical and logistical advantage to serve with Smartbox Partnership Program.

Entry Exit

Easy Entry – Easier Exit

No Industrial Setup required to start. No handovers necessary to exit

Unlimited Applications

Unlimited Applications

20+ used cases across IT, E-Commerce, Logistics & more industries

ROI in Short Time

High ROI in Short Time

Start with ROIs at 10% to 35% per annum with maturity in 6-12 months

Lowest Technology

Lowest Technology Gap

No technology acquisition required. Start with basic desk operator team.

Business Liability

Lowest Business Liability

You handle the business - we cover Technical and Maintenance Liabilities

Revenue Streams

Dual Revenue Streams

Earn with Locker Subscriptions and Double Up with Advertisement Space

Business Model Integration

Business Model Integration

Ready Integration with Office and Logistics Automation products

White Labelling Opportunity

White Labelling Opportunity

Rebrand Smartbox as your solution and run your own Locker Network

Smartbox’s Global Footprint

With a mission to spread click-and-collect package technologies across business verticals,
our reseller program offers the best-in-class perks and returns to our partners.


Open Market Partnerships - Commit
at your Convenience

Flexible Partnership Programs by Smartbox

Reseller Partnership
Reseller Partnership

Standard partnership programme for
diversified businesses

  • No customization Expenses – ‘Standard Product Market’
  • No Customer Service Liability
  • Get access to Smartbox Go-to-Marketing Resources
  • Become Licensed Smartbox Seller
  • Flexible Fixed & Recurring Commission Models
Solutions Partnership
Solutions Partnership

Be a direct technology solution provider
with Smartbox

  • No Resale Price Agreement – Adjust your own Sales Margin!
  • Avail Enterprise Training & Knowledge Sharing Benefits
  • Maintain Exclusive Client Relationship with Customer
  • Access Custom-Made Solutions for Customers’ needs
  • Flexible and Competitive Pricing Model

Got a Query for Smartbox?

Contact us now and our experts will answer your questions in no time. Fill out the form below and get in touch with our locker experts.

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