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Smart Cities Expo 2023: New Delhi, India

The Smart Cities India Expo is a testament to India's progressive modernization and developmental initiatives. It brings together transformative technologies that align with the fundamental pillars of urban development, such as Green Buildings, Clean Energy, Clean Environment, Water, and Urban Mobility. By optimizing resources and promoting sustainability, this expo plays a crucial role in making cities smarter and more livable.

Since its inception, the Smart Cities India Expo has remained at the forefront of the global quest for practical solutions that enhance the well-being of all residents. It serves as a platform for showcasing innovative ideas, fostering collaborations, and driving meaningful change in urban landscapes.

The expo focused on:

  • Digital India: IT and Communications
  • Smart Energy: 24x7 clean energy, solar energy, energy storage, smart grids
  • Connected / Autonomous vehicles
  • Smart buildings: Energy saving, water harvesting, recycling (water and waste), IT & Communications, HVAC, automation, connected devices, smart lighting, smart appliances, elevators, fire & safety, etc.
  • Disaster management
  • Urban mobility and planning

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