Parcel Post 2024

Smart Cities India Expo 2024
New Delhi, India

Smart Cities India Expo is an immersive showcase of India's modernization and evolving urban landscape. Smartbox team was privileged to be a part of the reputed expo that serves as the epicenter where transformative technologies seamlessly integrate with the core pillars of urban development. From Green Buildings and Rooftop Solar to Renewable & Clean energy, Clean Environment, Clean Water, Water Conservation, Urban Mobility, and Smart ICT solutions – Smart Cities India Expo featured all the technologies that makes cities smart and sustainable.

Key Highlights of Smart Cities India Expo:

  • Innovation Hub - Featured the latest advancements of tech companies, manufacturing brands, and startups.
  • Relationship Possibilities – Conversations with Smart City CEOs, senior government officials, industry leaders, global stakeholders, and city planners from over 40+ countries.
  • Ultimate Business Conference - Wisdom from the industry leaders across technology and infrastructure domains from both public and private sectors.
  • Startup Showcase - Supported by 'Invest India, the Startup Hub Expo' features over 350 startups, aligning with the 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' initiative.
  • Groundbreaking Innovations – Innovations that span DeepTech, Telecom, Fintech, AI, IoT, EmbeddedTech, Mobile devices, Smart Cities (ICT), Smart Buildings, Cleantech, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, Water Management, and more.
  • Hub for Engagement - A vibrant ecosystem that unites emerging entrepreneurs, industry stakeholders, technology experts, incubators, and investors.

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